Spiritual Atheism

I’m an agnostic in terms of belief – ie: I’m open minded about the possibility of a spiritual realm that manifests the world of form that we call reality. However I often identify strongly with Atheism. I am certain that not a single one of the world’s religions is any closer to ‘The Truth’ than any other. This is something I am not agnostic about. If there is a creator being, It doesn’t require us to correctly select from thousands of possible human visions of God exactly It’s form or It’s laws. A loving God wouldn’t ask or need this, and a mechanistic universe would simply do it’s thing regardless. My intuition tells me that regardless of whether the spiritual realm exists or not, we don’t need to acknowledge it in order to live loving and fullfilling lives here on earth. Sometimes I think we are better off just focussing on living our lives true to ourselves with a loving heart, than trying to make sense of what or who “God” is.

In that context, I consider myself an Atheist.  I accept the possiblility that other realms exist, but don’t believe knowledge of them is relavent to how people should live their lives in order to be happy.  To me contemplation of the spiritual world is simply an intellectual exercise akin to studying the cosmos or researching the origin or life (except that the two latter are science based. I mean it’s similar in the sense that it’s speculative, not intuitive).  It is interesting, but utlimately unimportant to the process of personal development.

When the words “God” or “Spiritual” are mentioned it pulls our sense of self off-centre.  All the conotations of language instantly pollute our thinking with tainted meanings.  We descend into an unresolvable quagmire of “shoulds” and “oughts”.

If we love ourselves first, and from there love outwards, we can find true happiness.

Split Personality


~ by Max Riethmuller on October 24, 2013.

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