The Hypocrisy of Animal Rights Based Vegeterianism

We are not obliged to treat animals with the same level of rights with which we treat other humans. Should animals be allowed to vote perhaps? Do they have the right to marry? Do they have the right to literacy?

Animals feel pain and can become emotionally distraught, but their needs are simpler than ours and with the right attitude to keeping animals their existence can be if not free, at least not involve suffering. That is what we owe animals; that if we are going to use them for our own survival needs then we should treat them as well as we can short of not killing them (and in some cases taking their young away).

I am not happy with the way animals are currently treated. I think a lot needs to change. We can keep animals and not force feed them, we can allow them free range, we can give them quality feed (and pasture), we can not live export them, we can wait a bit longer before taking the young, we can euthanise painlessly and so on.

Animals do not have the same value as humans, if that was the case you would never kill a mosquito.  You would not live in a house.  Human habitation is one of the biggest killers of wildlife. Think of all the life that is destroyed or displaced, food sources removed, when a house is built. Do animal rights based vegetarians live under a tree without any trappings of modern life? Would they move in on a family of humans, bulldoze their house to build their own, accidently kill some of the displaced family members in the process, and then let the remaining ones starve because their food source has been compromised? No I expect at least MOST of them wouldn’t. Ergo, they value human life above animal life.

I therefore maintain that animal rights based vegetarians are hypocritical in their objection to the choices of meat eaters.


~ by Max Riethmuller on August 21, 2013.

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