Youtube Clones Facebook For New Layout

I logged in to Youtube just now and noticed straight away the new layout.  This is a significant change, bringing a facebook look to Youtube.  There’s good and bad in that.

First, the change immediately excited me since the social media feed is a great way to present news media content as it is breaking.  It is also a great way to share media.  The other thing that excited me was this is also a good way to share videos amongst friends, something I don’t tend to bother with on facebook, partly because the media management features of facebook are sub-par.  Neither the Video nor Photo management on facebook is anything to write home about.  Flickr and Youtube are far better tools for those jobs.  The changes invigorate the interface, the new layout entices me to upload.  The old layout was staid and de-energising in contrast.

On the negative side, the new layout no longer defaults to a grid of your videos, instead it displays the ‘Activities’ tab by default (Activities, Video and Discussion tabs) – the ‘Video’ being the one that shows the traditional grid of uploaded videos – which is a feed of all your youtube uploads.  This is a minor negative though: it is one click to switch to the video tab, and if you want to share your youtube url you can add ‘/video’ to direct visitors directly to the video tab.

It will be interesting if the Activities tab comes to encapsulate all comments (both your own and those on your videos), likes and so on as facebook does.  It looks like this may be the way they are going, as there is a drop down selector on the Activities tab with only one option: uploads.  Seems pointless to have a drop down with one option unless more are intended to be introduced later.  My hope is they will add more, such as comments, subscribed etc.

So check it out, let me know what you think of the layout.



~ by Max Riethmuller on July 28, 2013.

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