Yield and GM Crops

Bt Cotton

Crops that are modified to be more resistant to bugs can do better for third world farmers who can’t afford pesticides. One example is Bt cotton.

But when it comes to food crops, there have been studies that I would like to see investigated further before adopting Bt for food crops – namely studies that indicate that the stomachs of people who include Bt modified food in their diet have much reduced healthy stomach flora than control groups, as well as signs of Bt pesticide within their blood.

Bt is a bacterial pesticide.  There are no studies that prove the safety of Bt in the blood or stomach.

Bt Toxin kills kidney cells:

Potential of Bt to pass the blood barrier of pregnant women and expose the fetus to Bt

RoundUp Ready

Crops designed to increase yield through being roundup ready are contributing to superweeds, which has led Monsanto to look at increasing the strength of the pesticide used on the crops by turning to Dioxin based pesticides such as 24D. This means farmers, at Monsanto’s recommendation, will be buying not only round up, but also 24D to kill the super weeds. (glyphosate has a very small amount of dioxin in it, but 24D has a much stronger concentration of dioxin. Dioxin is the chemical that makes Agent Orange and 245T so deadly). Meanwhile our food is being saturated in glyphosate and dioxins. Great.




Also, there is rising doubt that crop yields for First World farmers, who can afford bulk pesticides, are actually any better than traditional methods.

Caution is needed, not the profit driven, manic drive to introduce GMO at all costs.


~ by Max Riethmuller on June 9, 2013.

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