Personal Sovereignty

There has been a lot of discussion about soveignty lately.  Especially in respect of the law, people claiming that the law grants sovereignty if you look closely enough, and therefore freedom from the system.  No need to pay taxes, rates or pay fines.  Complete freedom to be Soveign and therefore reject the corrupt capitalist system and government regulation and conduct one’s own affairs how one sees fit.

It all sounds cool and good. Though I do wonder where people expect government services to arise from, and are people really prepared to forgo the services that a government provides, for example roads, education and in countries such as Australia, hospitals.  But the concept of Personal Sovereignty instinctively feels right.

However personal sovereignty isn’t found in obscure law. It’s found in the day to day actions of people who refuse to accept the system. And by that I don’t even mean armed resistance, or refusal to pay parking fines or taxes. It’s in the actions of someone who buys organic because they refuse to eat chemicals. Or someone who buys free range because they can no longer abide the treatment of hens in battery farms. Or by the person who refuses to hate Muslims in spite of the system generated media frenzy about terrorism. Or the individual who seeks alternative news because they refuse to trust the whitewashed and sanitised media that the system presents to them.

The more people who take personal sovereignty (responsibility?) over their lives and choices, the more the system changes to accommodate those choices. There is no Illuminati or New World Order brainwashing anyone. The capitalists aren’t that capable. They have no organisation; they are as much at a whim of natural forces as any of us. Yes they try. Monsanto put people on government boards, banks manipulate money markets etc etc. But there is no centralised concerted effort to control the world.

As soon as individuals start taking control of their lives, aka start exercising Sovereignty, the world starts to change too.  If you don’t take a job that exploits you, you have exercised sovereignty, but nothing else changes much. If hundreds of thousands of people exercise that same sovereignty, then employers are forced to change.  This is in essence what strike action is all about.  If you refuse to buy battery chicken products you then become a consumer exercising a form of strike action, but nothing much changes.  If hundreds of thousands refuse, the system stops producing battery chickens.

What we can do to help people practice effective sovereignty, is ensure they have accurate information. This is where media, alternative media and activism comes into play.


~ by Max Riethmuller on May 29, 2012.

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